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More major Reports have been shifted or newly created in Ginesys Web

Aug 31, 2020

Bringing the best and the latest to its customers, Ginesys has released many of its already popular reports in the Report module in Ginesys Web. Some of these reports in the module released by Ginesys are new reports too. Using meaningful data to… read more

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Production planning ERP Software

Effective Retail starts with Efficient Production – an Insight

Jan 01, 2015

The retail industry is literally fast evolving and one needs to stay prepared for unforeseen contingencies. From the manufacturer’s perspective in the retail value chain, one has options to strategize for contingencies. A custom fit production… read more

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Ginesys at CMAI

CMAI National Garment Fair ends on a Positive Note

Jul 02, 2014

The 59th National Garment Fair organized by the Clothing Manufacturers Association of India (CMAI) from June 23 to 25, 2014 at the Bombay Exhibition Centre in Mumbai wrapped up with a definite sense of optimism among exhibitors and buyers.

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Production planning ERP Software

Production Planning: An indispensable weapon in the arsenal of a Manufacturer

Mar 06, 2014

Dynamically changing consumer demands push manufacturers to grapple with 3 Rs: creating the Right mix of products at the Right time and at the Right rate. All three Rs are imperative to enhance the brand image of the company in the industry.… read more

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