Inventory Valuation and Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)

Inventory Valuation and Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) Logic revamped

Apr 24, 2018

Ginesys retail ERP has completely reworked the process of calculating cost of goods sold and valuing stock on hand. This will have a direct impact on all customers of Ginesys as it is an intrinsic part of the business reporting.

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Local purchase at franchisee stores

Local procurement from Franchisee Stores introduced

Feb 17, 2018

Ginesys retail ERP has introduced the provision to make any local purchase/return from managed franchisee stores. Earlier this operation was restricted for only company-owned retail stores, but now Ginesys users can select their managed… read more

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Barcodes for inventory management

History of Barcodes

Sep 14, 2017

Invention is not Innovation- history of barcode lays the significance of the statement. The necessity of the inventory tracking technology especially in grocery retail led to the invention of barcodes! But it’s the innovation which made a simple… read more

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retail pos software

Streamline your retail business with these retail POS software features

Aug 09, 2017

Retail POS software is the backbone of any retail business as retail industry is one of the highly competitive industries. To be in front and competitive, requires adapting to latest technology including an advanced retail POS software.

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Credit rules for Wholesalers and Distributors

Credit days Check and new Credit Rules: Useful feature for Wholesalers

Nov 15, 2016

Wholesalers and distributors raise a sale invoice for the retailers with a certain credit amount and credit days limit. With a large customer base, it becomes important to track violations of this limit and in some cases restrict further… read more

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Excise Duty feature in Ginesys Retail software

Ginesys Implements Excise Duty Feature

Apr 07, 2016

In the wake of the union budget 2016, excise duty is made mandatory on branded garments costing over Rs 1000. Keeping track with the development, Ginesys Retail Software has introduced the feature in the software so that billing is done in… read more

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Ginesys Valued Customers Shine at EIRS 2016

Apr 01, 2016

The recently concluded 4th East India Retail Summit (EIRS) was a premier event for lifestyle retailing and brands in East India. The Ginesys stall became a hub of inquiries on retail software and retail technology in general. The fact that we… read more

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Manyavar Launched Mohey - Women's wear Brand

Manyavar Forays into Women’s Wear with Launch of Mohey

Mar 05, 2016

Manyavar one of the leading ethnic wear brands in India, known for its vibrant collections for menswear section has put forward the next step by launching Mohey, a new brand for women’s wear.

Mohey’s latest collection has been launched in… read more

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Push Email notifications in Ginesys Retail Software

Configure Email Notifications plug-in

Feb 20, 2016

Ginesys Retail ERP now has the option to install and configure push notification of Emails. This attribute automates the business communication with an instant email sent on the smartphones and tablets.These kinds of notifications are so potent… read more

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OTP security to Customer Loyalty

OTP Feature- Shield Against Fraud Loyalty Card Redemption

Feb 19, 2016

One of the best ways to retain customers is by giving them points on each purchase which could be redeemed later on. It keeps the customers coming back to the same retailer in lieu of attractive free points on every purchase. While it’s a program… read more

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