procurement management challenges

Common challenges in retail procurement management

Jul 29, 2019

Procurement is one of the most critical functions in a retail business. Retailers need to identify customer needs, analyze market trends, choose relevant vendors, manage the entire procurement cycle, and much more. Processes… read more

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Information flow in Supply chain

Real Time Information flow in Supply Chain: A Retail ERP must have

Jun 10, 2014

For accuracy in decision making, it is critical for all businesses to have information at the right time. For Retail, the importance of ‘Right Time’ is even more, owing to ever-changing, dynamic and competitive market it is in. Information flow… read more

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Production tracking ERP Software

Tracking the stages in your Production is now at your fingertips

Feb 24, 2014

To keep with the pace of today’s dynamic marketplace, it is imperative to know the health of your production process in real-time. Tracking, stages in a production process, can be compared to BP Machine for a patient with Blood pressure problem… read more

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Ginesys ERP, Kolkata

Ginesys Center of Excellence: A dream transformed into Reality

Feb 18, 2014

Happiness cannot be measured, they say.

Success knows no bounds, they say.

Especially when a visionary dream comes true!

Saturday, 15th of February 2014, Kolkata saw Ginesys achieve another jewel in their crown with the… read more

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Next Gen Supply Chains are fast, efficient and tailored: PWC Study

Feb 07, 2014

Efficient and cost effective Supply chains are always a booming factor for the growth in retail industry. PWC Study on best practices by the leaders supports the same. It shows how Leaders are moving ahead of the pack; tailoring their supply… read more

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