Site stock movement

Site Stock Transfer has been moved to Ginesys Web

Apr 21, 2020

In an outright-sale business, there might be a need to frequently maintain records of secondary stock, i.e., the stock which you have sold to an outright customer. It might be necessary to know - how much of the stock has been… read more

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Sale of Service Invoice

Sale Of Service Invoice has been introduced

Feb 17, 2020

HO often needs to sale services like security service, AMC etc to the managed stores. So the need is felt for a separate invoice to sell those services rather than selling those as non-inventory items and managing through Standard Operating… read more

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S&D channels

The Sales and Distribution Transactions move to Ginesys Web

Jan 24, 2020

The future of Retail business is on the Internet or the World Wide Web! This futuristic vision of Retail Industry has propelled Ginesys to migrate all its Ginesys Desktop modules to Ginesys Web. Release of Version 11.151.6 of Ginesys finalizes… read more

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Goods movement in Ginesys retail software

'Bill-to, Ship-to' concept added for Sales & Distribution process

Jun 13, 2018

Post GST, the government has given a provision to ease out goods movements, i.e. marking separate bill to / ship to locations on a Tax Invoice. Hence a new concept of “Bill-to” and “Ship-to” is added in Ginesys retail software to make the process… read more

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Ginesys Distribution

Distribution Importance in Retail Business

May 23, 2014

Imagine having all of your products in four or five separate locations. Now imagine trying to get a product from each of those distribution centers to one location. Therefore in the highly competitive retail sales businesses, getting the right… read more

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Financial Express article acknowledges Manyavar for thinking beyond the box

Mar 13, 2014

Indian consumer market is continually changing, wherein emerging opportunity areas continues to provide impetus and give a marketing boost. Religion, an age-old opportunity area, still holds an integral part in the consumers’ life. Of late,… read more

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