WMS Stock Point

Stocks of WMS Stock points are now available in Planning report

Mar 08, 2019

Ginesys has released a new update in the Launchpad – Planning module. Now, users can view stock numbers of WMS stock points in the reports. Earlier, stock numbers for all stock points were displayed in the reports.

With this new update,… read more

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item set scan

Now item sets can be manually scanned in Ginesys WMS

Jan 03, 2019

Ginesys has just launched a new feature update - users can now scan configured item sets manually in WMS of the Inventory module (Put Away, Take Away, Bin Adjustment, and Confirm Pick List transactions) and in Delivery Challan against Reservation… read more

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Local Purchasing

The Ups and Downs of Local Purchasing

Oct 06, 2018

Local purchasing can be very beneficial for one’s business, especially when customers are seeking goods and products that are sourced from… read more

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Sales per square foot per day (SPSFD)

What is SPSFD and Why is it Important?

Mar 29, 2017

Sales per square foot per day (SPSFD) is a key metric that you need to track. It is a measure of how well you are utilising your selling space. Most brands and retailers do track this and it is possible to do this in most software either as a… read more

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