Bin Capacity

WMS: Capacity and Assortment tagging has been introduced for Bins

Nov 20, 2019

Once an inventory management system is up and running, the bins need to be handled wisely. The inventory managers should load them as per capacity and follow a certain logic for putting in or taking away items from it. 

But the reality is… read more

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android icon

New Android App for basic Warehouse Management operations has been enabled in Ginesys

Nov 11, 2019

It's rush hour at the warehouse! The pickers are waiting with their completed lists at the scanner to create their packets for distribution! But there are only a few scanners for the large number of pickers with their huge pick-lists! Counter-… read more

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Pick list

WMS: Option for multiple pick list generation at one go introduced

Nov 07, 2019

Festive orders are in! You, as a warehouse manager, are in a rush to fulfill them! Your reservations had been done and the delivery challans are ready! Your team of pickers are primed for the race against time! But can you provide them all with… read more

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Warehouse Bin

Delivery process becomes easier and smoother with faster picking due to new Bin Group feature in Ginesys

Nov 07, 2019

You have a large warehouse. You need to streamline your delivery process. You want efficient Warehouse Management to increase your productivity. You need your pickers to identify the appropriate bins faster and more efficiently. Of course, you… read more

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