import excel

Item modification through Import excel from transaction module has now been made optional


Ginesys team has introduced a new feature in the Import Excel function of the transaction module. A new option for ‘Update Master’ has been added to the column mapping section. This allows Ginesys users to choose whether they wish to update any item information while uploading data of received goods. The value of this option is set to ‘No’ by default. However, Ginesys users can choose the option ‘Yes’ in case they wish to update item information against an existing barcode in the database.

Previously, while importing excel, the system would check whether the barcode already exists or not. If yes, all information against a certain barcode would get automatically updated in the item master file. On the flip side, if the barcode did not exist, a new entry would be created. Users had no control over this updation of data.

With this new feature of selective updation, information for multiple variants of a product with the same barcode can be stored and retrieved easily.

Raman sharma | August 16th, 2019
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