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The Ginesys One suite has been built using the latest technology tools and is constantly being upgraded so that it serves the needs of our customers better and is always current in terms of technology. What this means is that, when you take a product from Ginesys One or multiple products from the suite, you will get complete functionality coverage, latest technology, updates and peace of mind with pre-integrated workflows. 

Modern Multichannel Retail
Stack for Dynamic Operations

high level architecture diagram of ginesys one apps

Resilient and Available
Cloud Infrastructure

We utilize the best public cloud infrastructure available today from Microsoft and are hosted in India. We are using various services from Microsoft to ensure complete security and uptime of the products.

Microservices-based Architecture

Our technology architecture for all the Ginesys One products are based on microservices. This enables quick and reliable development and independent upgrades of each service. 


The applications such as ERP, OMS and Cloud POS are deployed using a containerized approach to ensure that the dependencies are well documented and managed.

Error Logging

All components of our retail technology platform, including POS, ERP and OMS are built with detailed logging options. This enables quick debugging and identification of issues.

Management Team

Our Devops and cloud operations team, performs each release in line with global best practices. Once deployed, the systems are monitored through dashboards and alerts and in case any issues are found, we do a quick debottlenecking.

Always Updated Version

All our applications are given as a service (i.e. SaaS) and this our devops team ensures that you are always on the current version of the software. This ensures minimal disruptions due to legacy issues. This is already there for our Browntape OMS and Zwing web POS and EaseMyGST. Soon will be added for Ginesys ERP as well.

Automated Testing

All Ginesys One retail applications will be thoroughly tested using automations for defects along with manual functional testing. We shall also undertake extensive testing of deployment scenarios and benchmarking of our products. 

Automated sync
between apps

All Ginesys One apps are pre-integrated deeply with each other via webhooks and APIs to complete various workflows that are common. For example, generation of E-invoice, generation of Ecommerce order, posting of E-commerce invoice etc. This dramatically reduces the integration time and effort required for a brand to start selling on multiple platforms and channels.

Integration testing

Our automated testing framework covers various functional testing for the integrated apps that are part of the Ginesys One suite. This means that integrations once released very rarely will break.

Workflow dashboards

We are in the process of releasing integration dashboards to check where issues are there in terms of the connected apps of the Ginesys One ecosystem. (Upcoming) 

Integration Exception Alerts

We will soon be able to issue automated alerts in case there is any issue that comes up due to sync issues between the apps. These alerts will reach our proactive team who will then work to resolve the issue at the earliest. (Upcoming)

Security protocols with
Single Sign On

You will soon be able to use a single username password to access all Ginesys One apps that you are subscribed to. This will make it easy to switch back and forth between apps. (Upcoming)   

Frequently Asked Questions

Ginesys One experience can be used for a variety of businesses from grocery to artificial jewelry, shoes, fruits and vegetables retail, pet shops, fashion and much more. Reach us to find out more.

We have an online web and mobile POS that can work offline called Zwing and we have a desktop POS that is offline and can sync online

Ginesys One Experience is not a product, rather it is an overall experience combining a platform Ginesys with multiple other products. This pricing does not include other products like Ecommerce App and Order fulfillment platform

Ginesys One being a cloud based platform can very well be accessed outside India but the pricing may vary depending on the country. Our support teams are based in India

Ginesys One is very much a product proudly Made in India and we hope we can add more international centers as we grow.

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