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Sales And Distribution

Ginesys Sales and distribution is a key module of the ERP as it is the basic sales module for manufacturers, distributors, brands, retailers and wholesalers. It is used for store dispatch, franchisee billing, wholesales to distributors and small retailers and many other B2B sales scenarios. Ginesys S&D is powerful, configurable and complete with many reports such as order fill rate, sales order tracking, delivery challan register and more.

Manage Wholesale Orders and Transfer Orders Till Dispatch

Ginesys ERP’s powerful sales and distribution module is powering wholesale to B2B customers, to franchisees as well as transfers to other warehouses and your retail stores. Easily create B2B sales orders by scanning barcodes, importing barcodes, searching and selecting items or referencing other transactions. Track orders all the way from order to reservation to picking, packing and shipping. It is even possible to import orders for multiple sites (retail stores) in one go!

Sales & Distribution
Sales & Distribution

Deep Integration with Warehouse Management

The Ginesys One ERP comes with a state of the art warehouse management module that is fully integrated with the sales and distribution module. You can create racks and bins and manage inventory in bins. Once you have orders in hand, you can go ahead and reserve stock for ensuring order fill rates. This will lock the movement of the ordered items and quantities in the bins for dispatch.

Keep Excess Credit in Check with B2B and Franchisee Credit Terms

Ginesys offers comprehensive management of wholesale customer accounts, including credit terms like Credit Limit and Credit Days. This feature is essential for maintaining healthy cash flow and credit management, particularly for franchisees. You can choose to block shipments to customers where the credit allowances are being exceeded.

Sales & Distribution
Sales & Development

Keep Dispatches Flowing Fast with Automated Discounting Options

It is a standard practice to give discounts to wholesale customers, apart from offering them credit, as they are buying in bulk. But the process of dispatching these goods should be smooth and fast. With Ginesys ERP from Ginesys you can fix up the margins (discounts) or discounted prices in advance as per criteria like brand, MRP range, season, category of item etc. These discounts will be automatically applied when creating the packing list and invoice.

Manage Invoice Overheads and Discounts as Invoice Terms

Ginesys ERP allows you to create standard invoice terms and combine them to create a rule for a particular kind of customer. E.g. Billing to happen net of taxes with 20% add on for insurance and 5% add on for shipping. This makes the entire process of B2B invoicing or wholesale billing fully automated.

Sales & Development
Sales & Distributor

Seamless Integration for E-Way Bills and E-Invoices

With the latest GST updates in India, it is imperative to generate an E-invoice and E-way bill if certain turnover thresholds are met. In that case the Ginesys ERP has a complete 2-way integration with EaseMyGST for generation of E-way bills and E-invoice generation. It also has provisions for downloading the data and generating the E-invoice separately in bulk and updating the numbers back in the system. Tagging of transporters related to E-way bills is also standard for the software.

Add, Edit and Update Customers and Customer Locations

The sales and distribution module of the Ginesys ERP not only helps you manage customers, their nature, their billing terms and credit terms but also their customer locations, GST configurations and price lists as per location. This ensures that you would be able to ship to various stores or warehouses but be able to get a consolidated view of the customer at an organizational level. You can easily check top customers by value and quantity and other such reports.

Sales & Distribution
Sales & Distribution

Create Package and Carton Barcode

Enhancing tracking and inventory management, Ginesys allows the creation of package/carton barcodes. This feature simplifies stock receipts at the receiving end for customers who want to receive the goods carton-wise and do not wish to scan in each item.

Automate Routing Goods via a Transit Warehouse

Ginesys facilitates the routing of goods through a transit warehouse. This is sometimes required for transferring goods to certain locations via an intermediate warehouse. Once the intermediate warehouse transfer is done, the transfer out from that warehouse is automatically generated. Creating B2B invoices along with Einvoices and Eway bills is a breeze with the comprehensive features in Ginesys ERP. You can look at the other features of the ERP that would be suitable for your omnichannel retail or wholesale business in details on the relevant pages of this site. Have a great B2B sales experience with Ginesys ERP.

Sales & Distribution
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