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Solutions - Fashion Distribution

Ginesys For Apparel And Fashion Distribution

Solution for Apparel and Fashion Distribution

A distribution based growth has been the traditional way to grow and scale up your fashion brand very quickly and reach the far corners of the nation. It is easy to create but difficult to sustain. Challenges around ensuring adequate inventory with distributors and settling claims create tension between the brand and the distributor. With Ginesys as a DMS this will become a thing of the past and you can become a champion of this channel.


Flexible item Master

Create the products that you wish to sell through the channel and manage them centrally. You can add as many attributes as you require to ensure you get the best reports out of the system.

Distributor purchases

Procurement and hence your sales is finally in one place

Distributors can use the DMS to place orders with you. This can be integrated with the ERP functionality to ensure that your sales order can be created automatically. 

Catalog B2B Sales

Integration with Primary Ecommerce

E-sales even for distributors is becoming a big deal so that your catalog can be published online and distributors can browse through the catalog and check out at will. Once approved this can be converted into a purchase order.

Secondary Sales

Distributors can sell as per your price list

Create multiple sites for each customer and create various product-wise price list. Sales from the distributor end become much faster as all manual intervention is almost reduced to zero and no more emails between the brand and distributor for pricing.

Online catalog for B2B sales

Integration with Secondary Ecommerce

The new normal dictates that all sales happen digitally. Create your own branded ecommerce site or app for retailers and secondary customers. Create standard price lists and provide quick checks for availability in the distributor warehouse. 


Your Data visualized and Delivered Your Way

Ginesys comes with built-in reports and a powerful reporting engine to create detailed comparisons or visual charts which can be integrated into simple dashboards or automatically mailed.

Credit Control

Your customers need credit but you need control

Secondary customers can be given credit by the distributors as per their terms and can be checked automatically in the system on every invoicing.

Accountants can focus on Reconciliation

No need to re-enter any data in the distributor’s accounting systems with automated exports of data from the DMS. Creation of debit notes and credit notes become easy with direct linking to purchase and sales returns. 

Better Decisions with Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence helps you quickly understand the trends guiding your business and quickly zoom in on problem areas. This helps you make informed decisions and also guides on business growth.

Build together with Integrations

Ginesys plays nicely with most leading retail tech out there with standard integrations. Generally complex ERP integrations can also be done through APIs.

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