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Ginesys One - D2C Brand

Why Choose Ginesys One

OmniChannel OMS

  • Publish store and warehouse inventory across marketplaces and webstore 
  • Process online B2B and B2C orders
  • Pre-Integrated with logistics providers 
Omnichannel OMS Solution from Ginesys
Ecommerce Operations running on Ginesys ERP and OMS

Explore Ecommerce Operations

  • Ship faster with pre-integrated logistics companies
  • Reconcile receivables with ease
  • Pre-Integrated with ERP/POS for omnichannel capabilities 

Excel in Warehousing and Offline Sales 

  • Pick and dispatch orders quickly with the simple WMS app 
  • Manage merchandise, pricing, and vendor information 
  • Offline sales to B2B customers
Warehousing and Offline Sales from Ginesys ERP
Benefit from ERP and WMS

Benefit from ERP and WMS

  • Simplify accounting and tax management with ERP 
  • Automated GST returns, E-invoicing, and E-way bills 
  • Create and update purchase orders, and more

Manage Offline Retail Sales

  • Sell and manage inventory in physical stores with desktop POS / cloud POS
  • Enjoy seamless integration with the Ginesys One suite for promotions, customers, inventory and more
Manage Offline Retail Sales
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Effortless integration across OMS, ERP, and POS systems.

Ginesys One Suite helps you operate your high street and online business from one place.



Integration across OMS, ERP, and POS systems

Ready for True Omni Retail

Omniretail solution from Ginesys

Leading D2C and Omni-Channel Brands Trust Ginesys One for Their Business. You should too.

The Ginesys One ecosystem encompasses Browntape, an Order and Inventory Management System (OMS) that facilitates seamless integration with various marketplaces and webstores. It streamlines the process of managing inventory and orders by consolidating them into a single platform. 

Sell more with less

Manage inventory efficiently and maintain records of transactions across marketplaces, both B2B and B2C sales.

Ship faster

Ship faster with pre-integrations with various logistics companies and aggregators.

Reconcile receivables

Match the payments received against invoices, after deducting charges.

Go omnichannel

Pre-integrated with your ERP / POS to bring your inventory from warehouses and your stores to your webstore.

Optimize marketing spend

Optimize their performance marketing across marketplaces and website ecommerce.

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Integrated Ginesys One Suite for Large Brands

Backoffice Operations with Ginesys One retail suite
Ginesys Cloud and MPOS for retail
Multichannel Retailing with Ginesys

Pick and Dispatch Faster

Use the Ginesys WMS app to pick orders from various bins.

Manage Merchandize

Create product masters, update pricing, vendor information, purchase orders and much more.

Sell to B2B

Do offline sales to B2B customers.

Sell in Brick n Mortar Stores

Use Ginesys POS / Zwing POS to sell and manage inventory in their physical stores.

Simplify Accounting and Tax

Use Ginesys ERP to manage accounts and, automate GST returns, E-invoicing and E-way bills.

Customer Testimonials

Alok Paul

COO & Co-Founder, Berrylush

 We feel Ginesys One is the right partner for us to scale up our business faster. Browntape software (Ginesys OMS), which is deeply integrated with Ginesys, has helped us to eliminate a lot of manual work. EaseMyGST, has also helped us again to get our GST filing in place and because of EaseMyGST we fill our GST on time. Ginesys POS is deeply integrated with ERP, it helps us go to market very fast and because of this it just takes 1 day time to set up the whole store. Also, with the help of Ginesys support team, we have sorted all our issues quickly.

Sushil Agarwal,

CIO Manyavar

 Manyavar and Ginesys have grown together for the past 18 years, like a family. Ginesys values having its clients stay with them and we have received tremendous support from the Ginesys team in every aspect. The owner has no reason to go anywhere else once they are associated with Ginesys.

Vaibhav Jain

Partner, Tynimo

 We started our partnership with Ginesys in 2019 and so far it's gone very smoothly. We are using all the Ginesys One suite including products like Ginesys ERP, Ginesys POS, Zwing POS, EaseMyGST, and Browntape(Ginesys OMS) for our business, which reduces our manual work and saves our time on a daily basis. Till today we have received great support and service from the Ginesys One support team.