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Point of Sales

Manage sales, inventory, customers and more with ease; Whether you are looking for software for a single retail shop or a retail chain, an omnichannel brand or our retail POS system coupled with the rest of the Ginesys One omni retail suite can help you run your business like the big retailers. 

Ginesys One Point of Sales Systems

Ginesys One has the most versatile retail POS options with two point of sales applications deeply integrated in the suite with Ginesys ERP. One is Ginesys POS, a desktop POS that runs on Windows as an installed application. Zwing Cloud POS is the other option and it can work seamlessly as a web POS in the browser or as a mPOS on Android mobiles and tablets.  

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Digital First Retail with Ginesys One Cloud and Desktop POS

Sync Orders from Marketplaces & your Ecommerce Store using OMS

Ginesys One enables cutting edge omni-retail as the only suite to have a pre-integrated stack of applications including ERP, POS, Ecommerce Order Management and more. The online orders from your ecommerce stores & marketplaces can be automatically routed to the right stores using the Ginesys One OMS (Browntape).

Update Pending Order status from POS

The cloud POS, desktop POS and mobile POS all have options to fulfil pending orders and sync the status back to the OMS & via the OMS back to the ecommerce stores.

Sync Customer Information with your Webstore

Customer information is automatically synced along with loyalty points with various CRM partners that are pre-integrated with Ginesys POS and Zwing Cloud POS through EaseMyRetail integrations. This ensures that the customer data in your ecommmerce store and in your POS is in sync and the loyalty points calculations and offer calculations are accurate.

Checkout On Any Device with Retail Cloud POS

Get a mobile and cloud-first Point of Sales application from Ginesys One that works across all devices without the pain and cost of hardware upgrades.


Point of Sales Features for Your Retail Business


From brick-and-mortar stores to online retail, we have a complete set of tools to manage your entire retail business.

Software for your kind of Business

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