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e-Invoicing requires submitting an already generated standard invoice on a government E-invoicing portal. Thus, it reports to the tax authorities  the details of the invoice instantly and leads to its authenticity and comparison with the purchase invoices submitted or other data.

Under the electronic invoicing system, an identification number will be issued against every invoice by the Invoice Registration Portal (IRP) - called IRN , managed by the GST Network (GSTN).

Process of getting a valid e-invoice and e-way bills

using EaseMyGST

1. Generate a regular invoice in the software of your choice e.g. Ginesys ERP, Ginesys POS or other pre-integrated ERPs, ensuring GSTN is entered

2. Generate the IRN by uploading the data from Ginesys or other ERP to EaseMyGST

3. EaseMyGST shall validate the details and upload to IRP

4. IRP shall automatically forward the payload details to generate E-way bills

5. Sync IRN data for reference from EaseMyGST back to E-invoice so that the invoice can be printed with the IRN QR code.

Read on to find out how the E-document module of EaseMyGST saves you tons of time with automation and intelligence.Read on to find out how the E-document module of EaseMyGST saves you tons of time with automation and intelligence.

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  • Single or Multiple-Source data input is supported
  • Aggregate & Segregate data from each Dept/BU
  • Convert/Flip Order data to FA (1) e-invoice
  • Validate e-Invoice data
  • Enriched APIs to handle data encryption and decryption
  • eInvoice and e-Way bill generation in single upload
  • Multiple NIC APIs bundled to single API
  • Immediate update to source system of success/failure notifications from IRP
  • Determine tax rate
  • Converting signed JSON to graphical QR
  • e-Delivery of Invoices
E-invoice on EaseMyGST

How EMG e-Invoicing and e-way bills software solution works

EaseMyGST plays a very important role of Communication between You (Your A/C software/ERP) & Government Portal.

Working of EaseMyGST E-invoicing Software

Big, Fast and Available

Platform designed to handle big data across messaging, processing, storage, reporting and search.

Service driven architecture to handle any load while delivering consistent response time for mission-critical Apps

Scalable, elastic and always available system with automated Disaster Recovery.

Big Data Handling
EaseMyGST Transformation

Transform, Prepare & Qualify

EaseMyGST uniquely comes with its own transformation engine. Helps reduce data extraction work on source side.

Upload data from one or more source systems in one or more files / formats for automated data preparation.

Automated qualification against validation, computation & regulatory rules or enable validation APIs

We are Partner Centric

We've ensured to get certified by the best in business, EMG works effortlessly with all enterprise software and is a partner of many popular ERPs like Ginesys, Tally, Microsoft, and SAP.

We have a strong interrogation team. Our robust integration and transformation engine helps configure custom converters effortlessly with all enterprise software (custom included). Our SI Partners offer services in many ERPs.

Partner Centric Approach on Ginesys GST Software
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