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Warehouse Management

Ginesys is a comprehensive retail ERP solution that includes a Warehouse Management System (WMS) module in-built. This module is designed to help businesses manage their inventory, logistics, and supply chain operations more efficiently. It is integrated with the Ginesys ERP and also with the Ginesys One Order Management System - Browntape. This is a unique aspect of the Ginesys One suite that helps with multichannel retail.

Inventory Management at scale

Ginesys WMS enables businesses to manage their inventory across multiple warehouses and locations. It provides real-time visibility into stock levels, enabling businesses to optimize their inventory levels and prevent stockouts. Using the Ginesys retail ERP, you will be able to create items, create purchase orders, create wholesale (B2B) orders, store transfers and many more kinds of transactions that flow through the warehouse. All these are integrated with the Ginesys warehouse management system.

Inventory Management
WMS Bin Management

Scaling up with Ginesys WMS Bin Management

Ginesys WMS can manage hundreds of thousands of items. It can handle thousands of orders per day as well as picking from thousands of bins. It is successfully being used to handle the multichannel operations of brands that have more than 1 lac sqft of warehouse space.The rack and bin system is simple enough to accommodate any kind of warehouse bin sequencing. 

Easy Order Management with Stock Reservation

Ginesys warehouse management streamlines the order fulfillment process by automating the picking, packing, and shipping of orders. Importantly it also supports the reservation of items against orders. Reservations can happen automatically (based on settings) or manually done based on FIFO, or by filtering the large orders, specific items or specific customers. It also supports order tracking and provides real-time visibility into order status.

Order Management
Warehouse Operations APP

Flexible warehouse operations with Android app

The warehouse management system supports an Android app that works on any latest Android based barcode /2D scanners and enables, picking items, stock audit and other scenarios on the move in the warehouse.

Accurate Stock Audits in the warehouse

Stock audit is a painful yet important part of managing stock in a warehouse. For this the inventory needs to be locked and then the physical scan of each piece of inventory can happen. This is easily possible with the Ginesys WMS that has a complete stock audit management feature that generates the variance reports. Stock audit in Ginesys WMS can be done for lacs of inventory items.

Stock Audits
Bin Capacity Tracker

Manage Efficiently with Bin Capacity tracking

Another unique feature of the Ginesys WMS is the assignment of bins to certain product categories. The bin stock holding capacity can be further defined. This helps ensure that items are being stocked properly in the physical bins. 

Declutter the warehouse with Merging/ Demerging

Sometimes it is required to merge two or more bins or separate one bin into many bins. This is easily accomplished in the WMS.

Declutter warehouse with merging/ demerging with Ginesys WMS
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How Ginesys WMS Works

Benefits of Using Ginesys WMS

By using Ginesys WMS, D2C, Retail and multichannel retail businesses can benefit from

Improved Inventory Accuracy

Ginesys WMS provides real-time visibility into inventory levels, helping businesses reduce the risk of stockouts and overstocking.

Increased Efficiency

Ginesys WMS automates many of the manual processes involved in warehouse management, helping businesses save time and improve productivity.

Better Customer Service

Ginesys WMS helps businesses fulfill orders more quickly and accurately, leading to higher customer satisfaction.

Cost Savings

Ginesys WMS helps businesses optimize their inventory levels and reduce shipping costs, leading to cost savings.