GST Credit Note

    Franchise return can now be treated as GST Credit Note

    Dec 06, 2019

    Till date, franchise return was treated as inward supply only, i.e., only the GST input account got impacted. But with this update, now GST credit note can be issued impacting the GST output ledger. The provision has been created as GST law/rules… read more

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    void delivery slip

    Void and Recreate Delivery Slips quick and easy

    Dec 04, 2019

    A high value customer has a delivery slip with fifty (50) items. But at the Collection Centre, he decides to not purchase two (2) of those items and include another separate item. Earlier the delivery person attending to the customer had… read more

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    Delivery Slip

    No more mismatched deliveries at POS with Ginesys

    Nov 28, 2019

    The festive rush is on. Business is booming. Your sales and delivery people can barely keep up. Handling customer rush at the delivery point is often a pain, due to mixed up or lost deliveries. Tagging customers will ensure correct billing and… read more

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    Software update

    Ginesys ensures that users never miss any features or bug resolutions

    Nov 28, 2019

    You had asked for some feature and Ginesys promised to deliver it you. You were facing issues with some bug and you raised a ticket. But you don't know what happened in either case. You keep suffering in silence! 

    Ginesys has now ensured… read more

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    Bin Capacity

    WMS: Capacity and Assortment tagging has been introduced for Bins

    Nov 20, 2019

    Once an inventory management system is up and running, the bins need to be handled wisely. The inventory managers should load them as per capacity and follow a certain logic for putting in or taking away items from it. 

    But the reality is… read more

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    Cash restriction new

    Cash acceptance limit introduced in POS

    Nov 19, 2019

    In a bid to curb money laundering as well as to restrict the number and amount of cash dealings, the government has introduced some new rules and banned some types of cash payments. 

    Retail businesses cannot accept cash of 2 Lacs or more… read more

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    android icon

    New Android App for basic Warehouse Management operations has been enabled in Ginesys

    Nov 11, 2019

    It's rush hour at the warehouse! The pickers are waiting with their completed lists at the scanner to create their packets for distribution! But there are only a few scanners for the large number of pickers with their huge pick-lists! Counter-… read more

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    Pick list

    WMS: Option for multiple pick list generation at one go introduced

    Nov 07, 2019

    Festive orders are in! You, as a warehouse manager, are in a rush to fulfill them! Your reservations had been done and the delivery challans are ready! Your team of pickers are primed for the race against time! But can you provide them all with… read more

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    Warehouse Bin

    Delivery process becomes easier and smoother with faster picking due to new Bin Group feature in Ginesys

    Nov 07, 2019

    You have a large warehouse. You need to streamline your delivery process. You want efficient Warehouse Management to increase your productivity. You need your pickers to identify the appropriate bins faster and more efficiently. Of course, you… read more

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    scheduled reports saved in folder

    Scheduled reports can be saved in a particular folder

    Sep 26, 2019

    Ginesys now allows its users to save scheduled reports, which are sent using the scheduler of Web Reports in a folder. Earlier, when this option was not available, users would have to export each report individually. This feature update helps… read more

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