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Product - BI

Ginesys Retail  Advanced Analytics business intelligence software is built for retail. It already has all the KPIs you need to analyze your business performance. Start with the true picture and go to the details in an instant.

Visual Analytics

Understanding At a Glance Through Charts

The best designers have been employed to bring your data alive with the most appropriate charts. All charts are highly interactive to ensure you get the most out of it.

Visual Analytics on Ginesys BI
Global View Dashboard
Global Views

Get a Bird’s Eye View Instantly

Ginesys Retail BI gives you the complete picture at a glance on the dashboard using charts and graphs to ensure you understand all aspects of the trade. Do not waste time asking for multiple reports

Your Data
In One Place
On the Cloud

Ginesys ERP brings the advantage of cloud computing. No infrastructure to manage, fewer security risks and lower cost of ownership along with ease of access from anywhere anytime.

Ginesys Cloud Computing
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AI Suggested Reports

System Suggestions Generate New Reports

As you use the system, it learns and starts suggesting charts which may be relevant for your analysis. Not sure where to start, just ask a question and the AI system can suggest a relevant chart or data point.

We believe in data driven decision making, with Ginesys all the data is just a click away

- Tejash Shah (Bazaar Kolkata)

AI Suggested Reports on Ginesys BI
Data Splitting
Split Data in any Dimension

Move across data dimensions in a snap

Just select any dimension and start analysing in detail for any combination of season, item attribute, vendor, price point etc. It’s never been so easy!

Ginesys ERP helped ease billing, report generation, warehouse management, real-time stock, and inventory tracking.

- Mr. Ankit Porwal (Porwal Dress)

Easy Comparisons

Always look for Relative Growth

Compare across various periods, see trends at a glance, compare across custom festive dates. Most useful comparison is naturally the like for like comparisons which give performance across live stores in both periods.


Your Reports with Chosen Users

Restrict user access to certain sensitive information as you see fit. Create user roles with access to modules, charts, reports.


Get started on Critical Events Immediately

Get alerts on certain pre-defined events like low stock or spike in sales with complete context of the event as an attached chart so you can make a more informed decision.

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