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Ginesys Retail ERP system is the only system built from the ground up for the retail value chain. It is flexible, modular, and scalable enough to accommodate shifts in market dynamics. Best in class retail POS systems: offline Ginesys POS and cloud-based Zwing POS, and a leading ecommerce OMS - Browntape, help you beat the competition before you even start. 

Whether you are running a d2C eCommerce site, retail stores, or a B2B trading business, sooner or later you will need an ERP to help support your business growth. Ginesys comes with unmatched standard offerings to help fast ERP rollout.

Ginesys Retail ERP provides the fastest time to ROI and highest ROI among ERPs. It is a SaaS ERP and is ready-to-use retail software backed by an agile Success team.


Transparency through digital purchase records

Create and manage all purchases whether ad-hoc or against a purchase order. Check if the purchases are according to your terms and ensure timely delivery of the goods and services. 

Retail ERP Procurement
Retail ERP Inventory Management

Flexible product master to get richer reports

Ginesys has probably the most flexible item master with multiple attributes and various options like images etc. Batched and serialized inventory can be managed.

Sales and Distribution

Sell faster through the B2B channel

Wholesale trading or B2B sales, distribution to own stores and franchisees is all part of the system. Creation of b2b sales orders based on price lists, ecommerce sales import, dispatches and logistics tracking ensures you do not slip at the critical points.

Retail ERP Sales and Distribution
Retail ERP Warehouse Automation
Warehouse Management

Warehouse automation that keep goods moving

Create bins and racks and ensure a fast pickup of items in an order from among thousands across the warehouse. Reserve inventory against orders. Create your own bins with an assortment capacity and perform inventory count. All on our smart WMS app which works on Android. 

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Keep Your Books Balanced and Up-to-date

No ERP would be complete without an accounting system. Ginesys accounting is built for retail with auto-reconciliation of inter-branch inventory movements, auto-posting of retail sales. Create checks and balances on purchases and sales with the financial system.

We immediately find out the product that is selling well. And helps us plan based on sales history.

- Mr. Sunil Kumar Gupta(MegaShop)

ERP Accounting
ERP Custom Reporting
Custom Reporting

Flexible and rich reports with Perfect data

Anyone knows that reporting is the key requirement from any enterprise software, yet usually this requires specialized software. In Ginesys we have provided the most flexible reporting tool at your service so you could slice, dice and digest your data as you like it and also created more than 200 standard reports.

We are now able to generate different datas that are required to improvise and run the business.

- Vaibhav Jain (Director, Tynimo)

Your Core
Business Needs
Are well covered

Ginesys ERP brings the advantage of cloud computing. No infrastructure to manage, fewer security risks and lower cost of ownership along with ease of access from anywhere anytime.

ERP Cloud Computing

Garment Manufacturing Software on cloud

Process production especially for garments is quite complex with multiple jobbers usually involved and a need to track raw materials across stages. Ginesys makes your calculations of actual finished cost accurate and automated. Jobber payments are at your fingertips. Know your production material requirements before you run out of raw material.

Garment Manufacturing Software
Secondary Sales
Secondary Sales

Inventory sold to other Retailers is still visible

For distribution based businesses, if your inventory moves to a store which does not run your POS or to an SOR customer. Track sales and current inventory by importing the sales data in Excel. Understand sell-through and receivables better.

Ginesys has been our significant partner in growth and in making Mumuso happen

- Raunak Agarwal, (Director, Mumuso)

Audit Logs

Review all usage for piece of mind

Whatever be the roles and responsibilities of each user, Ginesys can track all activities done by the user creating a detailed audit trail. You can download the data and analyze in your own way.

Audit Logs

Cloud Based

Your Data In One Place On the Cloud

Ginesys ERP brings the advantage of cloud computing. No infrastructure to manage, fewer security risks and lower cost of ownership along with ease of access from anywhere, anytime

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Ginesys ERP for entrepreneurs

There are products that require a very complex IT setup. Ginesys is a cloud retail ERP for owners. It is ready-to-use with minimal customizations and zero IT management. Enhanced security and 24*7 access boosts your retail business. It is the only ERP with inbuilt offline and online cloud POS, WMS, Business Intelligence, ecommerce Order Management, production and GST integrations. This makes business owners love Ginesys retail ERP as part of Ginesys One. Cloud is driving the future of business, and Ginesys cloud retail ERP can help you move to the top. The best feature is a very powerful reporting engine that can give you customized reporting in a few clicks.

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