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Order Management System for Selling on Myntra

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Myntra Inventory and Fulfillment Options

In contrast to other e-commerce platforms, Myntra has a distinctive approach when it comes to recognizing and featuring products on its platform. When comparing Myntra to other e-commerce platforms, one can observe that Myntra exclusively promotes carefully selected brands. Upon registering your business with Myntra, your products will be showcased alongside popular exclusive brands on the platform.


Myntra provides four distinct inventory management and fulfillment solutions for sellers, each with its own cost structure and integration requirements. Ginesys OMS (Browntape) is integrated with Mytnra for various sales methods and it is a 2-way integration.

Myntra order fulfilment

1. Myntra M - Direct

Myntra M-Direct was Myntra’s first shift to “true B2C”. In Myntra M-Direct, a seller processes each order placed by the end customer, The packages are then collected by Myntra’s logistics support and taken to a Myntra warehouse. Here they are sorted as per region & dispatched. M-Direct is operational via Myntra’s own back-end platform. Thus the seller has to log into the portal to manage catalogs, listings, inventory, and orders.


A seller cannot use an OMS for this model of Myntra. This becomes cumbersome for sellers who sell on multiple platforms. It leads to operational inefficiencies. Hence Ginesys OMS cannot be used for this model of selling on Myntra as it is a legacy model.

2. Myntra PPMP

Syncing with Myntra using Ginesys OMS (Browntape) for PPMP Fulfilment

Because of the restrictive nature of M direct, Myntra introduced its PPMP model. PPMP (Pure Play Marketplace) is a flexible platform that allows sellers to link the marketplace to their own order management system. Users of e-commerce management software like Ginesys OMS can add PPMP as a channel. This allows them to manage Myntra orders from a single dashboard.

Under PPMP, Myntra Logistics is the one and only shipping partner available to you. Once you receive an order from Myntra, your inventory will be reduced on the Myntra platform (and on other platforms as well) automatically through the Ginesys OMS.


All the inventory information can be fetched from the ERP automatically and updated in the OMS and subsequently to the Myntra marketplace. It is a fully automated inventory update to Myntra, for most of the leading ERPs in India.

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3. Myntra Omni

Syncing with Myntra using Ginesys OMS (Browntape) for Omni fulfilment

This model of Myntra allows a seller to fulfill orders from multiple locations. This model is not available to all Myntra sellers, except for a select few who meet Myntra’s restrictive criteria. For larger sellers, who may have multiple warehouses around the country, or may have multiple retail stores, Myntra Omni gives them the liberty to fulfill from all these locations. When an order is placed, Myntra will run an algorithm and assign the orders to the closest fulfillment location with available inventory. With the help of Ginesys ERP and POS, the seller can process these orders in the OMS, and inventory will be synced.

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4. Myntra FBM

Syncing with Myntra using Ginesys OMS (Browntape) for FBM

Myntra FBM, meaning ‘Fulfilled by Myntra’, where Myntra issues back-orders to sellers, on the basis of orders received from customers. The orders received by Myntra are grouped as per the sellers and a purchase order is shared to the respective sellers. The seller does not need to handle each customer order separately, it is bulk shipped to Myntra. Myntra sorts and packs orders for individual customers.

With the help of the Ginesys OMS the seller can receive the PO, pack the orders and inventory will be synced accordingly. These B2B orders can be synced to the ERP if there is an ERP integration. The seller sends the products to the Myntra warehouse, where Myntra will take the onus of shipping it out to the respective customers.

Myntra Tag loops

Tag loops have been introduced by Myntra for certain types of items as an additional security feature. These are secure, unalterable locks with a scannable code obtained from Myntra. If you obtain an order for an item that has loop tagging mandatory, then it is typically required to lock the item with the loop and then scan the code in the order after scanning in the item. Browntape (Ginesys OMS) now supports this Myntra configuration to ensure that these items can be tracked and frivolous returns are reduced. Not scanning tag loops for specified orders impacts Myntra's ability to approve claims for orders which can be a loss to sellers. Tag loop scanning is also available for omnichannel orders.


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