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New Ginesysone

Business Benefits

Single inventory management for online and offline retail
Make store ops efficient with a rock solid POS
Reduce IT Management workload with cloud apps
ERP to digitize and manage all transactions
Attract and delight customers with an advanced CRM
Make accounting and GST a breeze
Dive into the most in-depth analytics for retail

Features of Ginesys One

Ginesys Cloud ERP
Cloud ERP

End-to-end Ginesys cloud retail software to operate your retail from anywhere.

Ginesys Retail Management Software
Retail Management Software

Your store(s) in your control with the seamless retail POS software.

Desktop POS & MPOS Software
Desktop POS & mPOS Software

Plug and play desktop POS and billing application Zwing works on multiple devices.

Ginesys Retail BI
Retail BI

Advanced analytics for your retail, because it deserves the best in market.

ECommerce Fulfillment
eCommerce Fulfillment

Myntra, Amazon,, you name it, Ginesys can take you online with their OMS

Retail Accounting & GST
Retail Accounting & GST

Automating GST filing and accounting so your customers can stay your priority

Warehouse & Inventory Management
Warehouse & Inventory Management

Chaos free warehouse and real time inventory updates with Ginesys ERP.

CRM & Lifecycle Marketing
CRM & Lifecycle Marketing

Attract and delight customers offline and online



Production Management
Production Management

Ginesys production for a complete picture of your manufacturing cycle

Learn how Ginesys One Suite helped brands to grow

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