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Order Management System for Selling on Flipkart

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Flipkart Inventory and Fulfillment Options

1. Easyship

Syncing with Flipkart using Ginesys OMS (Browntape) for EasyShip Fulfillment

Listing and Syncing Inventory for Easyship

EasyShip is a specialized service offered by Flipkart that simplifies the shipping process for sellers on the platform. With EasyShip, Flipkart logistics becomes the exclusive shipping partner for your products. This means that when you sell your products on Flipkart, you can rely on Flipkart's logistics network to handle the shipping and delivery to your customers.

To connect your inventory to Flipkart, you can use Ginesys OMS (Browntape), to facilitate seamless integration between your existing inventory management system (such as Ginesys or other ERPs) and Flipkart. By integrating your inventory using Ginesys OMS, you can ensure that your Flipkart listings accurately reflect the availability of your products. When a customer places an order on Flipkart, the inventory is automatically updated in real-time on flipkart and other marketplaces as well, reducing the chances of overselling or inaccuracies. The order is pushed on the Browntape dashboard under the “new” order tab. Orders that need to be processed should be put into batches according to the respective marketplaces and after processing the order, you mark it as "ready to ship" in Browntape. From there, you can conveniently schedule a pickup for the package using Flipkart's logistics network. Once the pickup is scheduled, the Flipkart logistics network collects the package from your location and ensures efficient transportation. Both you and the customer can track the shipment's progress using the provided tracking information, ensuring transparency. Flipkart's logistics network aims for timely delivery to the customer's designated address.

Once you list your products on Flipkart, you can then connect the inventory for the current inventory and any updates from the ERP to Flipkart using Ginesys OMS (Browntape). Once connected, the inventory for these items will be synced automatically to Flipkart.

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2. Selfship

Syncing with Flipkart using Ginesys OMS (Browntape) for SelfShip Fulfillment

Listing and Syncing Inventory for Selfship

Flipkart's Self-Ship Fulfillment offers sellers a flexible and hands-on approach to managing the packaging, shipping, and delivery of their products on the platform. This fulfillment capability is specifically designed for select product categories like furniture and large appliances, which often require specialized handling and logistics.

Once you have listed your products on Flipkart, you can seamlessly integrate your inventory management system, such as Ginesys or other ERPs, with Flipkart using Ginesys OMS (Browntape). This integration allows for the automatic synchronization of inventory data. Once connected, any updates or changes made to your inventory will be automatically reflected on Flipkart's platform. This ensures that the availability and stock levels of your products are accurate and up to date for potential buyers on Flipkart.

Once an order is received from Flipkart, the order details are seamlessly synchronized to Browntape. From Browntape, the order information is further transmitted to Ginesys ERP system, which acts as a central hub for managing various aspects of your business operations, including inventory.

With this integration, the inventory levels of the ordered products are automatically updated in real-time across multiple platforms, including Flipkart and any other platforms where you sell your products.

Shipping out orders is a breeze with Browntape. Once an order is marked as ready to ship on Browntape, you gain the convenience of scheduling a pickup for the package. The best part is that you have the freedom to choose any courier partner from Browntape's extensive network of courier services and logistics aggregators.

When you indicate the readiness to ship, Browntape automatically notifies your preferred partner assigned to the specific region. As soon as you schedule the pickup, the courier partner will be well-prepared to collect the goods from your location. This seamless integration with a wide range of courier services ensures a smooth and efficient shipping process, allowing you to fulfill orders promptly and deliver your products to customers without any hassle.

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3. Flipkart Fulfillment (previously, Flipkart Assured)

Syncing with Flipkart using Ginesys OMS (Browntape) for Flipkart Fulfillment

Listing and Syncing Inventory for FA

Flipkart Fulfillment is an end-to-end logistics service provided by Flipkart that enables sellers to store their products in Flipkart's warehouses. Once a product is stored in a fulfillment center, Flipkart takes care of the entire fulfillment process, including packaging, shipping, and customer service. This service eliminates the need for sellers to manage their own warehouses and logistics, allowing them to focus on product sourcing and growth strategies. With Flipkart Fulfillment, sellers benefit from faster delivery times, improved inventory management, and access to a vast customer base.

Since the entire process from inventory to orders is managed by Flipkart, the Ginesys OMS can be very helpful incase sellers want to have an overall view of order and inventory updates, which is usually posted every 24 hours.

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Syncing with Flipkart using Ginesys OMS (Browntape) for SellerFlex Fulfillment

Flipkart Smart fulfillment also known as Flipkart Lite is a hybrid fulfillment model between Flipkart fulfillment and Seller fulfillment. In the case of Smart fulfillment, sellers can utilize their own warehouses or third-party logistics providers for storing and shipping products. This model enables sellers to retain control over their inventory while leveraging Flipkart's technological infrastructure and logistics expertise. Seller Flex offers benefits such as reduced transit times, lower shipping costs, and the ability to offer faster delivery options to customers. It empowers sellers with more autonomy and allows them to tailor their fulfillment processes to their specific requirements. Flipkart also provides the sellers with a panel for order and inventory management.

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