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WMS: Option for multiple pick list generation at one go introduced


WMS: Option for multiple pick list generation at one go introduced
Aparajita Basu Roy
November 7, 2019


Festive orders are in! You, as a warehouse manager, are in a rush to fulfill them! Your reservations had been done and the delivery challans are ready! Your team of pickers are primed for the race against time! But can you provide them all with proper pick lists on-time for them? Well, Ginesys Retail Software comes to your rescue, with our state-of-the-earth Warehouse Management System!

Now you can create multiple unique pick lists simultaneously with several conditions - 

* Grouping Logic can be selected whether you need a single pick list or the pick list should be as per follows -
            Consolidated Pick List -

              For all the selected reservations, a single pick list shall be generated, even if 10 reservations are selected, 1 pick list shall be generated.                                 

            Reservation wise -

              For all the selected reservations, respective pick lists shall be generated, i.e., if 10 reservations are selected, 10 pick lists shall be generated.                                                        

            Site wise -

              For all selected reservations, the system will identify the unique destination sites and break the pick lists  accordingly.                                  

* Segregate Pick List based on Bin Group Level -

            You can segregate the pick list based on the bin group levels set by you. This will help you to increase the number of pickers. Also, if you have multi-floor warehouse, then this is very useful as floor wise there are different pickers.

In case you wish to know more watch this video -