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Audit Trail has been introduced to track all user entries in Ginesys


Audit Trail has been introduced to track all user entries in Ginesys
Aparajita Basu Roy
June 18, 2020


An apparent anomaly in the financial records is suddenly noticed by your audit team? But how did it happen? Who had access to those records? When were the changes made? Have other records been tampered too? An audit nightmare for the business! But with this new update of Ginesys (11.152.0-1.152.0) you can forget such fearful thoughts! Ginesys has enabled Audit Trail Tracking in its software. In the first phase, only 30 masters and transactions are audit enabled.

An audit trail is a security-related sequential record or a set of records, and/or destination and source of records that provide documentary evidence of the chronology of activities that have influenced a particular operation, procedure, or event at any time. It is a record of all createedit and delete transactions that have been made to a database or file.

Auditing is used to answer the question "Who did what and when?" and possibly “Why?”. Logging, by contrast, is more focused on what's happening. There is a technical issue in that Auditing often has legal requirements. The ability to pursue records back to their source has numerous advantages –

  • Regulatory compliance,
  • Lost transaction restoration,
  • Disaster recovery and
  • Fraud detection.

Audit log entries usually include destination and source addresses, a timestamp and user login information. A probable down-side of audit trail tracking is a huge amount of “data about data” being created. But the negative impact is only felt during export of reports.

But you might be thinking, “how would I know if some tampering is done with the audit data?” Don’t worry! A default audit of audit trail is maintained in Ginesys and this data cannot be purged. So you can always have access to it! Just export to a report format and know who is handling what and when!

So no more sleepless nights over loss or tampering of your precious data!