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New Android App for basic Warehouse Management operations has been enabled in Ginesys


It's rush hour at the warehouse! The pickers are waiting with their completed lists at the scanner to create their packets for distribution! But there are only a few scanners for the large number of pickers with their huge pick-lists! Counter-productive bottle-necks are building up! Ginesys Retail Software has come to the rescue - The New Android App for basic Warehouse Management operations.

The new hand-held device based android app for Warehouse Management System has been created by Ginesys to allow the users more mobility, leading to rapid, better and successful warehouse management. Pickers can now directly scan items on their assigned lists.

No more manually collecting items from the bin and bringing them to a static machine to confirm the pick list action.

No more wasted effort and time.

No more dependence on only a few scanners which could hold up the business in case of a malfunction.

The application can only be used through a separate hand-held device and can do the following actions:

  1. Put Away
  2. Take Away
  3. Confirm Pick List
  4. Bin Count

The android menu has to be assigned to the user's role from the Ginesys Admin module before it can be used (Admin -  Security - Role - Inventory - WMS - Android Application).

The configuration of the device needs to be done at the time of installation and then the device can be used to scan a bin, scan items to and from the bin and confirm pick lists of items to be delivered.

You can read more details in Warehouse Management System in Ginesys WMS Mobile Application

If you are interested in knowing how you can run your warehouse with a more modern setup, please check out this video - Warehouse Management System: Introduction of Android Application

Aparajita basu roy | November 11th, 2019
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