Set Items

Modifying Set Items in Goods Receive documents made easy in Ginesys


You are held up during receiving goods as you work only with set items and have received a new set item for which you need to modify the item master. You are in a hurry! Don't worry, you are not going to face the trouble any more! Ginesys, as always, has heard you and enabled modification of Set items through Goods Receive (GRC) in Release Version 11.151.12.

Option for Edit item has been provided in details of Set tabs just like the Item tab. The following cases for modifications are allowed -

  • For Modification of RSP, MRP, WSP:

    • In Add mode: Grid will display the modified values (RSP, MRP, WSP) of the Set items.

    • In Edit mode: Grid will display the already stored values. If user wants to display the modified value, then he will have to delete the item from the grid and select it again.

  • For modification of properties other than RSP, MRP, WSP for Set items:

    • Modification of items will refresh the display grid with modified values, in both Item tab and Set tab.

Aparajita basu roy | February 17th, 2020
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