Ginesys at CMAI event

The 65th National Garment Fair by CMAI received “beyond imagination” Business Response!


Post GST implementation, The Clothing Manufacturers’ Association of India organized the first event to happen- The 65th National Garment Fair. It was India’s largest trade show which was spread across 6Lakh sqft of area, covering all the halls at Bombay Exhibition Centre.

From the 10Th – 12th of July, over 1000 brands were put on display by 822 exhibitors at the event. Amongst them, Ginesys retail ERP, India’s only product solution to provide a complete suite of services for the entire retail value chain, got a phenomenal response from the brands and retailers. Ginesys team not only helped the retailers to understand the intricacies of the new tax regime but also guided them on how to achieve end-to-end GST compliance, through our web portal EasemyGST.

In the view of existing issues – implementation of GST, the success of the fair was marked by participants getting total orders worth 750Cr, leading CMAI to term the business response as “beyond imagination”.

Jayavi bhandari | July 27th, 2017
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