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Cloud POS

Zwing is a mPOS and cloud point of sales application from Ginesys One. Zwing works on mobile devices as well as in web browsers to offer modern POS experience at your stores. If you want billing on mobile, you can use Zwing mPOS on any of the latest Android POS machine or Android phones. 

Zwing MPOS Multi-device Support

Checkout On Any Device

Zwing MPOS works on Android phones and tablets and the latest Android based POS all-in-one terminals. It also works on any web browser like Safari or Chrome so it can be used on almost any device without the pain and cost of hardware upgrades.

Backoffice App

Backoffice app to Manage all stores

Your shops are all connected to the main cloud server on a real-time basis. You can administer and set up all store policies, item masters, cashier information and stock images from this retail management app. So no need to worry about syncing POS data to and how to update some critical promotion in a store. It is done instantly.

Zwing Backoffice App
Real Time Inventory Management
Real time Inventory

Real-time on-hand inventory

Ginesys cloud POS / MPOS has complete inventory management that is controlled by the ERP. Product masters are created and synced automatically to the store. Goods receipts, transfer and inventory adjustments are done in the POS and automatically reflected in the ERP. Print barcode labels as you need. Negative stock billing is controlled or allowed from the back-office to prevent leakages.

Track Cash

Track cash in the register

The cloud POS/ MPOS has a complete cash in and out module along with terminal cash transfer. Payment drops to banks and modes of customer bill payments can be recorded and reconciled with the bank POS report. Many of the payment modes are integrated with the POS like Paytm, Phonepe, UPI and more.

Cash Tracker
Petty Cash Expense Tracker
Petty Cash

Track petty cash expenses

The cloud POS enables store staff to enter retail shop expenses like driver charges, conveyance and courier charges. Ginesys cloud retail shop POS enables bill payment entries and tracks the balance cash in the till. You can also provide additional store cash for expenses.

Customer Orders

Create customer orders

Ginesys cloud POS software helps you  in taking orders from customers and delivering them later. It  also enables partial or full payments against the orders and converting orders into invoices at the time of delivery. The order to pick list and confirmation of the pick list is a very interesting feature of the POS for fast fulfillment of orders especially online orders.

Customer Order Creation
Flexible Promotions for Stores

Flexible promotions for all stores

Zwing POS (Ginesys cloud POS) has the best promotion engine of any POS backed by the Ginesys One system. All promotions are centrally defined and allocated to stores. Promotions can be assortment-based and can give a direct value benefit (i.e. discount) or an item offer (buy-get). All these promotions are for all customers and not specific to individuals.

E-gift vouchers

Issue and redeem E-gift vouchers

Brands and retailers can issue electronic gift vouchers or e-vouchers through SMS as a marketing exercise to drive sales. This can be used in place of a credit note. The vouchers can be sold or issued for free and redeemed in the stores. Redemption is always real-time via OTP to prevent frauds.

E-Gift Vouchers
MPOS Global Exchange and Return
Exchange and Return

Global exchange and return

Customers expect to be able to shop anywhere and exchange or return products. This experience is possible with Ginesys cloud POS and works even for webstore integrations as all bills made in the cloud POS are saved online immediately for reference in exchange or refund notes.

Store Credit

Provide store credit

Extending free store credit is a very old and continuing practice that leads to very high loyalty. Ginesys cloud POS / MPOS has the feature of creating a debit note in the name of the customer, that can be adjusted on multiple occasions in the future.

Store Credit
Credit Note Creation
Customer Advances

Take customer advances

Some customers are OK with paying an advance for a new product launch or to avail of some good offer. Ginesys cloud point of sales helps in enabling this by creating a credit note in the name of the customer, that can be adjusted in the future against an invoice. 

User Management

Centralized user management

POS security is very important for large and small stores alike. As the store billing software is online we have an OTP and password based access for additional security. All users and sales staff can be activated and managed centrally. Devices from which the POS is being installed or accessed can also be whitelisted to ensure only authorized access.

POS Security
Paperless Smart Bills
Paperless Bills

Paperless smart bills

POS bills can be easily sent to the customer’s email and mobile as a PDF to help with paperless billing. Ginesys cloud POS has paperless bills as a default feature that can be enabled and SMS invoicing can also be enabled via an SMS pack. The format of the POS bill can be customized as per the brand or retailer’s requirements.

ERP Integrations

ERP Integrations

If you wish to go for a complete ERP, Ginesys One ERP is deeply integrated with Zwing POS to give you a complete peace of mind of all functions like purchase, warehousing and accounting. If you are already using any other ERP like Microsoft, SAP, Blue Kaktus and more, the integration is ready.

ERP Integrations
Ecommerce Integrations
Ecommerce Integrations

Ecommerce Integrations

Ready to sell with inventory from your store published to online marketplaces and your webstore through our Ginesys One Order Management app: Browntape. Publish item master and process sales orders from all ecommerce channels through the mobile or cloud POS in your store.

Digital Payments

Digital Payments Secured

Yes, this POS securely processes all credit card, debit card, UPI, mobile wallet transactions through secure communications with payment gateways. You and your customers can rest in peace that this process is totally secure and irreversible.

Secured Digital Payments

Monthly Pricing Available

₹3000/- Per User*

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*Taxes extra | Data limits apply | Implementation charges apply

Retail Dashboard to track trends

Zwing gives you all information at your fingertips on the web through a very simple dashboard and through easy reports to understand your information.

Fastest Store Setup

As the software is working in a web app on the browser or in an easy to download app on your phone or terminal, there is no lengthy setup and deployment to go through. Starting a store can literally be done in a few minutes.

No Backup Hassles with Cloud POS

Moreover no need to schedule and take daily backups as all data is backed up instantly every moment the Internet is on.

  mPOS Use Cases

mPOS Use Cases - Multiple Stores and Counters
Multiple Stores Multiple Counters
mPOS Use Cases - Self Checkout
Introduce Self Checkout at your Store
mPOS Use Cases - Digital Enabled Carts/Vans
Digital Enabled Carts/Vans
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