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Ecommerce is a great way to increase brand awareness, reach new customers and bring a wider catalog to customers. Ginesys ensures that your ERP and POS is synchronized with the shopping cart of your choice and marketplaces.
Ginesys One ecosystem includes an Order and Inventory Management System (OMS) - Browntape that helps integrate with all marketplaces and webstores and manage inventory and orders in one place.

ECommerce Management

Selling on Marketplaces

Marketplaces are the easiest path to get started in the online world. In fact many D2C brands start with them. Ginesys supports selling on Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Paytm and 60+ marketplaces via integrations with order management systems like Browntape. In the case of Browntape we have order level integrations and in other scenarios we are providing the invoice posting functionality.

With the manufacturing, retail and eCommerce stores, we needed a software that can integrate all of them. Ginesys was perfect for us.

- Amirali Charania (Partner - Shake Hands Chain)

Bringing POS inventory to marketplaces

Ginesys POS works with Browntape to bring the POS inventory online to all marketplaces. This makes omnichannel retail possible, even in a marketplace scenario. Similar integrations are available with other OMS.

Warehouse management for reliable operations

Ginesys warehouse management systems is fully integrated with Browntape order management system for perfect order picking and timely fulfillment of ecommerce orders from your site as well as marketplaces.

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Shipping management

Browntape OMS allows you to integrate with all leading shipping partners. You can create shipping labels in marketplace specific formats, create manifests and AWB. You can also update marketplaces right from within Browntape about ready to ship orders and also schedule pickups

Detailed Payments and Accounting reconciliation

Browntape OMS tracks marketplaces payments and various charges automatically. It also gives you an idea of profit per order and per item. With Ginesys, this goes a step further, and you can automatically get all credits and debits for ecommerce orders created in your ERP. This saves you immense effort as this is the most tedious part of online selling!

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Need Integrations with your web store?

We have you covered with OMS integrations for Shopify, Magento and other popular platforms

Publish Catalog

Create your item master in Ginesys and push as a catalog to your ecommerce store

Sync Inventory Online

Publish warehouse level or store-wise item-wise stock through the OMS to the webstore

Sync Order to your ERP backend

Receive orders directly from the webstore in your warehouse or POS

Fulfil Order from Warehouse or Store

Depending on the fulfillment location fulfill the order either in warehouse or POS

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