POS bill sync

All unposted bills will now be automatically synced to EMR server from Data Sync Dashboard


Ginesys has a new feature update, wherein bills, that do not get synced with EMR at POS end, get automatically synced with EMR from HO.

Sometimes, due to network issues or other reasons, POS invoices do not get synced to EMR server at the time of their creation. This could hinder the process of redeeming loyalty points for customers. Previously, after POS data was synced with HO, an option of manually syncing the data with EMR (from HO) was available.

Currently, with this automation, the chances of customers missing an accrual or redemption is minimized. Additionally, users are able to reduce the time and effort spent on the manual data syncing process.

Raman sharma | January 11th, 2019
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