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Choosing an ideal Retail Management Software for your business


Choosing an ideal Retail Management Software for your business
Choosing an ideal Retail Management Software for your business
January 22, 2019


The retail industry is ever-changing and ever-growing. With the upsurge of technology in every aspect, it has become of utmost importance that retailers invest in a high quality retail management software to manage all aspects of their business. However, organizations face a major challenge in choosing the right software that suits their needs. So, I would like to share three features that every retailer must look for before investing in a retail management software.

1. It handles a wide range of merchandise

Retail companies need to manage a wide range of stock. For instance, lifestyle stores have a wide range of products - apparels, footwear, fashion accessories, furnishing, and the like - in varying sizes, designs, brands, and the like. In order to manage the inventory accurately at this large a scale, it is essential that the software is able to map all these products and update the inventory in real-time.

Ginesys’ inventory management module is trusted by India’s top leading retail brands for tracking and monitoring their inventory accurately and in real-time.

2. It operates on different types of retail formats

Today’s customers prefer to have a lot of choices in the way they shop, apart from visiting brick and mortar outlets. In order to enhance the customer experience, retailers have increasingly started adopting various retail formats - e commerce retailing, flash retailing, franchising, and the like.

An ideal retail management software, like Ginesys, must offer retailers to conduct their business on multiple channels easily. This omnichannel functionality must manage multiple marketplaces efficiently and precisely.

3. It syncs data across multiple stores

When a business owner launches their brand, they always aim at making it large and plan for multiple chain stores. It then becomes important that all the data - sales, stock, customer loyalty points, and the like - is synced to the head office and can be accessed from any store. For instance, if a customer wishes earns certain loyalty points in city A and wishes to redeem them in city B, the data needs to be made available to the staff in the store.

Ginesys is one of the few retail management software that syncs all data and allows its users to access the data from geographically diverse outlets.