Delivery Slip option in Retail Software can enhance the instore experience


Redicing the billing time so that the customer can spend more time in browsing is a key goal of retailers. In very large stores the number of cash counters needed to manage sales effectively, will be large unless picking counters are introduced. Delivery slip is one such option where the concept is to basically pack the items which the customer selects and provide them a slip, which further will be presented at POS collection center to collect payment and release the products selected by the customer. This ensures hassle free and convenient buying for the customer.

Ginesys Retail software now can implement this in the store where apart from the above mentioned advantage one can easily reduce the risk of pilferage and staggered collection centers. Further there is the option to add items to bill or to remove items from a bill. Different salespersons can be tagged to different slips. This makes it easy to track counter-wise sales commissions.

Jayavi bhandari | January 21st, 2014
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