Discount apportion in POS bill

Discount apportion concept introduced for Get Items discount value


A new enhancement has been introduced in Ginesys retail POS software for the Buy-Get promotion POS billing.

When a promotion is applied at the item level, then the discount is applied on the Get item to make them free. For Instance, promo says- Buy a Shirt A worth Rs 1000/- and Get a Shirt B worth Rs 500/- Free. So, in this case, the 100% discount was applied on the Shirt B, making the worth Rs 0/-. So at the time of POS billing, the tax applied only on Shirt A.

But now, Ginesys retail ERP has added a new feature in the Buy-Get promo resolution by apportioning the item level bill discount to both the items. So, when apportioning the discount between Shirt A and B, (Let’s say the discount ratio is 40-60), the value becomes- Rs 600 and Rs 170/- respectively.

Hence, with the help of this enhancement, Ginesys POS software users can apply GST on all Get items also.

Jayavi bhandari | February 17th, 2018
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