Inventory management

Inventory Management Optimization in Retail Industry: Need and Importance


Gone are the days when customers had limited options for shopping. In the current scenario, if a customer does not find the desired merchandise at one retail shop, he has a second brand to rely on. A retailer can’t afford to lose even a single customer. It is really important for the retailer to retain his existing customers as well as attract potential buyers.

The retailer must ensure that every customer leaves his store with a smile. Unavailability of merchandise, empty shelves leave a negative impression on the customers and they are reluctant to visit the store in near future. Inventory management prevents such a situation as inventory refers to the goods stocked for future use. Inventory is one of the most significant investments in the retail sector.

Our Ginesys ERP solutions allow you to take charge of your inventory management, increase service levels, and lower costs, along with these other features and benefits:

>Supports unlimited SKUs, Items and Inventory parameters

>Item classification into divisions, sections, departments, articles and items

>Item detail with multiple attributes, categories like brand, size, design, color, pack etc

>Store images at various levels and view reports with images

>Category manager to restructure obsolete/dead item categories

>Create and transfer serial number based items against SKU

>Item merging, splitting and price revision modules

For complete details on features of Inventory Management please click on the link below:

Raman sharma | September 15th, 2014
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