Ginesys accounting/ Finance

Item wise accounting introduced


It is now possible to maintain Item wise accounts in Ginesys retail ERP i.e. tagging of items to general-ledger and sub-ledgers has been allowed. Consider a scenario, when a purchase is done of 3 items from a vendor- ABC Traders. Earlier, all the items from the purchase invoice were posted in a single ledger i.e. purchase ledger. But with the help of this update in Ginesys accounting/ finance software, each item can be tagged to its respective sub-ledger. This is useful when items are not part of trading group and are non-trading items or items which are to be used for promotions.

Hence, once this setup is done, for those items in which ledgers are tagged, all purchase and sales transactions will be impacted in those ledgers.

Jayavi bhandari | June 13th, 2018
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