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Production Planning: An indispensable weapon in the arsenal of a Manufacturer


Dynamically changing consumer demands push manufacturers to grapple with 3 Rs: creating the Right mix of products at the Right time and at the Right rate. All three Rs are imperative to enhance the brand image of the company in the industry.

To achieve the same, a manufacturer needs to have efficient production processes along with a robust plan. The answer lies in incorporating an efficient Production Planning process. It is essential, irrespective of whether one is processing customer sales order from or planning own production. Production Planning is undertaken keeping in mind optimum utilization of resources.

Ginesys ERP has now incorporated the functionality of Production Plan & Work Plan in the Production module wherein allocation planning is decided at the Head Office with respect to the overall requirement and available resources. Thereafter, the HO allocates the items to be produced to respective production units with taking into consideration their availability and capacity. Further, each production unit can also perform the same process at a local level if it has multiple production or assembly lines. The tracking of ongoing processes is also available in the system in reverse order.

In summary, this will not only make in-house business processes efficient, but will also empower the manufacturer to perform timely delivery of orders, gaining competitive advantage.

Note: This feature is specifically for V11

Jayavi bhandari | March 6th, 2014
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