Retail management

Retail Management – An Effective Business Enhancement Tool


A day in retail is dominated by incredible number of transactions both internally and externally with suppliers and customers. And the key to success lies in the efficient management of these transactions.And thus an intelligent retailer would pick the right store management software and not just a simple billing solution.

Lets dig a bit deeper…

In the Indian Retail Environment, we usually interact with 2 business modes.The first kind of retailers are doing business with a standalone POS system and the other kind are using a generic ERP along with a separate POS. And hence both parties lack control over the daily POS activities.After a close monitoring of the situation Ginesys has developed one solution which is synced and gives the retailer peace of mind and allows him space to expand his business empire.

A few highlights of Retail Management Software:

>Reduces the amount of paperwork involved

>Increases employee productivity

>Supports all formats of retail including COCO, FOFO, SISand MBO

>Reduces turnaround time in processing orders

>Increases customer satisfaction

>Reduces data input time

>Eliminates costly overstocking or stock outs

>Reduces storage space needed for stocking materials

Ginesys retail management software can be an asset to your entire retail business. For more details on features of Retail Management please click on the link below:

Raman sharma | November 17th, 2014
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