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Launch and manage your brick and mortar stores

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Brick and mortar stores have been the cornerstone of retail as they attract customers and also lead to quick sales. Many of the biggest brands across the world have grown on the basis of their exclusive stores. Ginesys Retail Management and POS functionality offers a complete set of tools to manage this.

Retail Management

Your central console to manage all stores

Manage all stores centrally with policy settings that apply at a click and centralized user management and document management. Get the reports from across your store network in a jiffy.

In the stores we are running, the best part is that billing takes place without any interruptions and delays.

- Shitanshu Jhunjhunwalla (Director, Turtle)

Point Of Sale

Robust feature-rich Multi-Terminal Offline POS

Certainly the most robust and feature-rich POS on Windows desktops. Works in multi-till and single-till environments. Syncs automatically with the ERP at Head office and your web store. Works smoothly even with large item masters and long customer queues.

Mobile POS

Lightning fast cloud POS

The modern POS is cloud based and works on mobile as well as web. The modern billing software, Zwing is integrated with Ginesys ERP, it is the right choice for those who have lean store operations and want to have minimal footprint at the stores. Learn more here.

Since the day we have joined Ginesys, we are doing exceptionally well. We have a great command on everything.

- Mr. Rajan Sachdeva, (Director, Rajan Sarees)


Single inventory for offline and online Your webstore can take orders and push them to Ginesys or Zwing POS without skipping a beat. Your store inventory is pushed close to real time to the webstore. This makes the choice of physical stores versus webstore less of a tradeoff.


Move the right inventory to the right point of sales Take the guesswork out of which items to send to which stores. Ginesys replenishment provides an easy way to understand what items are slow sellers and where and what is moving fast. It works at category level too ensuring continuous replenishment. Integration with cloud based Supplymint replenishment system is also a highlight.


Keep your best customers coming back for more Ginesys customer loyalty can be based on points or flat discounts. This ensures your customers can be rewarded for frequent purchases. Create loyalty schemes with different discount factors for different categories of items. Works well with leading loyalty software like Easyrewardz, Mloyal and Capillary as well.

Frictionless Digital Rewards

Shopping Vouchers

Shopping vouchers also known as discount coupons or vouchers drive repeat customers to the stores. They are activated by shopping in a store and offer specific discounts to the shopper on the next purchase. Ginesys works with Easy rewardz coupon engine coupled with its own promotion engine to deliver this seamlessly in Ginesys POS.

E-Gift Vouchers

Electronic gift vouchers are the electronic version of traditional gift vouchers and are redeemed by entering a voucher specific dynamic OTP. Ginesys is currently integrated with Easy Rewardz E-GV system to facilitate this kind of transaction.

Gift Vouchers

Paper gift vouchers are still commonly used to boost sales. Ginesys has complete functions to create new gift vouchers and sell and redeem gift vouchers across the stores.

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