Sales return

Sales Return Wizard introduced for Unmanaged Franchise (Outright) Sites


In case of your sales return, issuing a sales return credit note to the customer as per the original invoice is a tedious task. It becomes, even more, time-consuming when the same item is sent to the customer multiple times in multiple invoices.

So to make the process of identifying and segregating the invoices of the goods return efficient, Ginesys retail ERP has introduced a Sales Return Wizard for Unmanaged Franchise (Outright) Sites. Using the wizard, Ginesys users can set off the invoices for a particular customer site based on FIFO or LIFO logic. Once invoice set-off is done, for each original invoice, a credit note will be raised. For example, if an item is set-off against 10 invoices, then 10 different credit notes will be issued.

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Jayavi bhandari | December 1st, 2017
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