Password for data security in Ginesys retail software

Secure Your Ginesys Retail ERP data with Stronger Password Policy


Strong passwords are the first step to prevent unauthorized usage of any data. So to provide a higher level of security for your business, Ginesys software introduces the Password policy. Now Ginesys users can set password policies for the entire Organization Group with 2 new configurations-

1. The Password expiry (in days): With the help of this, the password has to be changed mandatorily after a specified number of days. It is a great way to ratchet up the security and minimize the risk of data confidentiality attack.

2. Enforce Strong Password: With the help of this, Ginesys users can enforce the use of strong password. The new password format will be requiring certain pre-defined conditions like atleast 1 Uppercase and lowercase letter, atleast 1 number, etc. before setting any password.

Click here for the process to update and enforce the new password policies.

Jayavi bhandari | December 1st, 2017
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