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Digital Catalogs

Digital Catalogs

Drive sales using e-catalogs

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Flipsell enables you to send personalized catalogs to customers, prospects and others to drive website or marketplace traffic and to boost sales conversions. The same approach could be used for offline store sales as well.

Create Catalogs

Create attractive digital catalogs easily

Flipsell allows you to create digital catalogs in a drag-drop way without having to do much typing or playing with complex tools. The colors and imagery can reflect your brand look.

Share to Sell

Share away to sell more

Flipsell catalogs are shareable on Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook and more. It is the perfect way to market your products.

Campaign Analysis

Analyze catalog campaigns

All clicks from catalogs can be tracked and also measured for sales conversions. This enables you to do A/B testing and use the higher performing catalogs.

AI-based Catalogs

Add AI-based personalization of catalogs

Catalogs could be personalized based on the recent visits or past purchases of a customer ensuring very high conversion rates from the tool.

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