POS promotions

BUY/GET Promotion is now available with Memo Level Promotion


Now Ginesys users can define new promotional offers at memo level in the Ginesys billing software. Two new promotion benefits have been added in memo level promotion.

For instance, a promotion says if a customer makes a purchase between Rs.2000.00/- to Rs.3499.99, then he/she gets 1 Laptop Bag FREE. Here it receives X unit of item from GET pool. And the other type of promotion is where a customer receives X value of item from GET pool, for example, if the bill is from Rs.2000.00/- to Rs.3499.99, then the buyer gets items FREE within max 50 benefit value.

Hence users can define such promotions in Ginesys retail store POS software and attract more footfall at their stores.

Raman sharma | May 23rd, 2017
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