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Configure Email Notifications plug-in


Configure Email Notifications plug-in
Configure Email Notifications plug-in
February 20, 2016



Ginesys Retail ERP now has the option to install and configure push notification of Emails. This attribute automates the business communication with an instant email sent on the smartphones and tablets.These kinds of notifications are so potent that they act as a disruption to the user, so the user is forced to either see them instantly or keeps reminding unless its read. Its a very crucial feature because information is always stored in the email even though devices change. It has universal accessibility which just needs an internet connection to get access.

In the Ginesys Retail Software, the feature sends two kinds of notifications:

1 Transaction Events- Notifications are sent to devices in case of any business events relating to operations such as Purchase Order, Sales Order, Sales Invoice, Payment Advice or Sales Return. These events are functional blocks of retail business and information needs to be channelized effectively. Retail POS software flows the email to both; the employees for internal operations as well as B2B customers.

2. Recurring Events- In this scenario, the operational events which keep on repeating, like weekly/monthly report, outstanding balance and payments are regularly emailed to the B2B customers.