DVAT Bill app

Delhi Govt Launches DVAT Bill app to provide impetus to Tax Collection


In an ambitious bid to boost VAT collection from retail businesses in Delhi and to bring accountability and transparency, Delhi government has launched DVAT BILL app. Deputy Chief Minister, Manish Sisodia said it will act as a catalyst to improve tax collection and governance.

Upon purchasing, the customer can upload the picture of retail bill/invoice in the mobile or picture could be sent on the mobile application. The bill must have the TIN no of the dealer, the full name of each purchased item and the rate of tax charged on them.

The winner would be announced by lucky draw on 15th day of every month using the unique IDs generated against each bill received by the department The prize value is 5 times the value of the goods purchased, not including the tax value, to a maximum of INR 50000.

It’s to be noted however that the scheme isn’t valid on purchase of a motor vehicle, petroleum products and tax invoice taxation between the dealer and embassy sales.

This app will help in pulling plugs on unfair and unscrupulous retail trade practices by catching people who evade taxes. This should also push these retail businesses towards the organization and proper software usage.

Raman sharma | January 28th, 2016
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