E-way bill EasemyGST

E-way bill generation directly from Ginesys (via EasemyGST)


The Ginesys R&D team is on a mission on closing all gaps and making it easier for retailers to run their business. That is why they have released a new feature in EasemyGST module.

Ginesys users, who have an EasymyGST registration, can now generate e-way bills at the EasemyGST platform itself. Earlier, this was possible only at the government’s GST portal.

When a staff member enters data in the e-way bill form of the EasemyGST portal, the data also gets validated.

Because of this new feature, Ginesys users can benefit multifold. Firstly, they do not have to switch between portals to generate e-way bills. Secondly, the portal helps retailers ensure data integrity. Finally, with this update, employees are able to eliminate the risk of any manual error that could be involved in the entire process of switching between portals.

Raman sharma | May 8th, 2019
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