Ginesys IDEA Portal

Ginesys Idea Portal- Myriad ideas converging


Ginesys has launched a new platform called Ginesys Idea Portal,, which is an interactive way to come and share new ideas. Any new innovation is a result of an idea generation, and this portal will act as a professional network, weaving together strings of valuable concepts. The portal will allow you to share your valued ideas, suggestions and required improvements about retail ERP with our product team directly. It presents to you, new ideas and recommendations of features that will improve your business operations. Discussion and commenting on any shared post, following any activity or getting updated on an idea will make sure the interaction is both knowledgeable and fun.

Ginesys Idea Portal aims at providing a transparent roadmap. And with this new engagement, we hope to be able to come up with even better pos solutions and retail software.

Raman sharma | November 21st, 2015
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