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How Distribution Management Software is Playing a Greater Role in the Growth of Fashion Retail


How Distribution Management Software is Playing a Greater Role in the Growth of Fashion Retail
How Distribution Management Software is Playing a Greater Role in the Growth of Fashion Retail
October 5, 2021


Every product in fashion retail goes through several stages, following a certain process from manufacturing to the final destination, before coming to the market. Only when this entire process is completed, the product is delivered to the customer via the retailer chain.

Today, a distribution management software has become indispensable for fashion, apparel and other retailers in India to manage the entire supply chain and fulfill the demand of India's large consumer base. With an advanced Distribution Management System software, all the steps and processes in the fashion supply chain are integrated into the distribution of finished products, from manufacturing and packaging, to warehousing and transportation.

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What is the function of Distribution Management Software in fashion retail?

Let us understand the utility of a Distribution Management Software in the fashion supply chain in detail. Following are just a few of the various advantages of fashion Distribution Management Software; the possibilities are many:

1. Real-time visibility

As a fashion retail company, you must get real-time visibility of the requisite business data from all your distribution channels. If you are not using an advanced Distribution Management System software yet, you have no choice but to depend on the offline data provided by your distributors at an unreliable frequency, which is neither real-time nor authentic. 

Yet, this does not have to be so. You can handle all your distributors smartly with distribution management software and let your retail business grow in the festive season.

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2. Negotiating the remote place scenario

Thanks to the fast-growing revenue growth pan-India, fashion retail companies are spreading their distribution networks to more and more cities for faster product channelization. 

With challenges such as large volume, time management and remote location of the distributor, sometimes it becomes difficult to get clarity of product movement from all distributors. Cloud-based Distribution Management Systems can bring all the data at your fingertips irrespective of the distributor’s location as we do not need to wait for data to be uploaded from an offline application.

3. Simplifies the work for distributors too

Implementing a fashion Distribution Management System software or Procurement Management Software helps in streamlining and automating most of the distributors’ daily tasks. Automation of all kinds of goods movement, system-generated invoicing, details of outstanding payments, intelligent alerts are just a few examples of how a distributor’s work can be made much easier with a Distribution Management System.

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4. Quicker claim settlement

Another great benefit ofadvanced Distribution Management Systems software is better turnaround time for claim settlement. With everything automated through Distribution Management Software, distributors and the company always have clarity of the deliverables and payables. Further, with online claim submission through its Purchase Management Software, all claims can be settled in a short span of time, unlike the manual system in which there are usually multiple rounds of revisions and modifications between both parties.

5. Sale schemes and production planning

Furthermore, a distribution management software gives owners of fashion retail businesses an integrated solution in planning schemes and promotions to attract B2B customers in a high competition environment. It ensures all mandatory checks and balances have been done at the time of invoicing to give retail business owners a clear overview of the performance of each and every scheme.

6. Quicker stock replenishment

There is no arguing that fashion retail companies need to maintain optimum stock levels, at different touch-points such as stockist, distributor, retailer, etc., especially in the run-up to high-demand seasons like festivals and weddings. A sophisticated, tech-savvy fashion Distribution Management System gives you proper visibility of stock, expiry date, batch number, return and more. It gives better visibility of the entire distribution network.

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If your distribution system software is integrated with your demand planning module, then the system also helps in better production planning, resulting in reduced or zero wastage of your production resources.

Advanced Distributor Management Software: The Way Forward

According to the 2018 State of Fashion report published by McKinsey, improvement in distribution and digitization of the supply chain industry will be one of the key challenges that fashion companies will face. Implementing technology is thus key, not only in regards to the supply chain and the consumer but in all of the other internal processes as well.

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