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Major Reports have been shifted or newly created in Ginesys Web


Major Reports have been shifted or newly created in Ginesys Web
February 16, 2021


In its endeavour to bring the best and the latest to its customers, Ginesys has released many of its already popular reports in the Report module in Ginesys Web. In fact Ginesys has released some new reports in the module too. Using significant data to make appropriate inferences, making enlightened decisions has never been easier. In Ginesys HO version 11.152.3 and 11.152.7, we have provided 28 new reports covering POSRetail, Sales, and Inventory.

Let's see what a few of these reports do - 

DC wise Transfer Out Report - Now, Transfer Out reports can display item details for each Delivery Challan.

Some Finance Register reports can now show PDC details.

Stock Audit Verification Register - Cost amount as well as the RSP value of Difference quantity that is Snapshot Quantity and Audited Final Quantity can now be displayed.

Various Ginesys Loyalty related reports have been released, which will show the history of the loyalty member as well as Card wise Point balance along with (redeem & earning ) for the given date range.

POS Bill Register - display the quick details of all POS Bills generated in stores for a specified period.

Pending Logistic Bill - display pending logistics for which invoice generation is still pending.

To know more about these reports - Release Note 11.152.3 and Release Note 11.152.7