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Mixed Mode Loyalty Benefits- Discount and Point Based


Retail world especially in Indian scenario depends a lot on relationships and loyalty. Its often the repeat shoppers who makes up for the majority of sales, so retailers have their task cut out to make sure such customers are retained. Looking at the positive ramifications a good customer loyalty management can bring, retailers do their all to keep customers happy and glued with attractive loyalty benefits.

Ginesys retail store POS software now makes sure retailers keep their frequent customers loyal, and wanting to come back with its feature allowing for effective loyalty program management. Retailers have their loyalty program defined in the retail software solution and need not require any different program to manage it. The program could be based on applying:

Discount Based benefits - Over here, a customer gets discount based on the card he/she holds. Platinum card holder will get more discounts as compared to gold card holders. Higher the value of card, more the customer can avail.

Points Based benefits - In this case, customers get certain points on every purchase, like 1 point on every Rs 100 spent. Every time a customer shops, the loyalty card is swiped at POS software and points are added. As the points keeps on accumulating, they can be redeemed later to make purchases or get cash rewards. For redemption, certain minimum points needs to be accumulated which are as per retailer’s discretion.

Raman sharma | January 16th, 2016
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