Next Gen Supply Chains are fast, efficient and tailored: PWC Study


Efficient and cost effective Supply chains are always a booming factor for the growth in retail industry. PWC Study on best practices by the leaders supports the same. It shows how Leaders are moving ahead of the pack; tailoring their supply chains to customer needs and investing in next-generation capabilities while keeping the focus on supply chains that are both fast and efficient.

The report highlighted following points for Retail Industry

1. Minimizing cost by inventory reduction and decrease in manufacturing and overhead costs

2. Maximum Delivery by collaboration with Key Customers, Suppliers and VMI

3. Maximum flexibility by end to end supply chain planning and regional supply chain setup

All the above points require a Retail software having good data capturing and an informative data analytics tool from manufacturing to Retail. Ginesys Retail ERP ,over the years , have supported their customers in all the above mentioned points.

You can read the full article at the link mentioned below

Jayavi bhandari | February 7th, 2014
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