auto generation OTP

New policy for auto-generation of OTP for adjustment of credit note at the time of the issuing to POS customer has been provided


A new policy has been introduced, wherein the OTP for adjusting a credit note is generated at the time of issuing the credit note to the POS customer. Earlier, the OTP was generated at the time of redeeming the credit note. So, previously, in the case of a poor network, a connection failure, or any other unforeseen issue, the OTP generation would get delayed, leading to a delay in redeeming the credit note. This resulted in increased waiting time for other customers at the POS.

Since the OTP is now generated at the time of issuing the credit note, adjustment of the credit note is completed without any delays. This way, Ginesys has helped retail businesses enhance the customer experience.

Raman sharma | February 1st, 2019
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