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Optimize Ecommerce Order Allocation and Unlock Efficiency with Ginesys OMS


Optimize Ecommerce Order Allocation and Unlock Efficiency with Ginesys OMS
Order Management System
July 28, 2023


The global ecommerce market is expected to reach a value of around $58.74 trillion by 2028, and companies wanting to cash in on the industry need to be well prepared. In the dynamic world of online shopping, efficient and seamless order fulfillment stands is the cornerstone of business success.

Recent statistics highlight the impact of order fulfillment on customer experience. Did you know that 80% of customers expect their orders to be shipped within 48 hours? A staggering 87% of consumers say that fast and reliable delivery is a key factor influencing their purchasing decisions.

It's clearly evident that effective order fulfillment is not just a matter of logistics, but also directly impacts customer loyalty, brand reputation, and ultimately, revenue growth.

Importance of Order Fulfillment in Ecommerce

Order Fulfillment

Browntape (Ginesys OMS) is a robust ecommerce order management solution that streamlines and optimizes the entire order fulfillment process. It seamlessly integrates with sales channels, inventory systems, and shipping carriers, providing a unified view of all orders. With Browntape OMS, businesses can efficiently manage their order processing, payment, and customer communication, reducing manual errors.

Having real-time inventory visibility prevents overselling and stockouts. Its customizable order allocation rules intelligently assign orders to warehouses or stores, optimizing inventory utilization and reducing shipping costs. With Browntape, businesses gain full control over their orders, ensuring a smooth and cost-effective fulfillment experience.

The importance of efficient order allocation rules cannot be overstated. With accurate and dynamic order allocation, businesses can achieve:

Inventory Optimization: Allocating orders to the nearest and most appropriate fulfillment centers reduces shipping distances, lowering costs and delivery times. It helps maintain optimal inventory levels across all locations, preventing overstocking or stockouts.

Faster Order Fulfillment: Automated order allocation reduces the time it takes to process and fulfill orders, leading to faster shipping and improved customer satisfaction.

Reduced Shipping Costs: Smart allocation rules ensure that orders are shipped from the most cost-effective locations, resulting in reduced shipping expenses and improved profit margins.

Enhanced Customer Experience: Efficient order allocation leads to accurate and timely order fulfillment, delighting customers with on-time deliveries and fewer backorders.


Streamline Order Fulfillment with India’s leading Order Management System


Ecommerce Integrations for Seamless Expansion

Ginesys OMS can be an invaluable asset for seamless Ecommerce expansion, thanks to its array of pre-integrated channels. The system is equipped with pre-built connectors, seamlessly integrating with major marketplaces like Amazon, Meesho, Tata Cliq, Ajio, 1MG, Nykaa and Flipkart, unlocking lucrative selling opportunities.

Ginesys OMS ensures smooth communication and data synchronization, providing a unified view of your entire sales ecosystem, including online marketplaces, web stores, and physical retail outlets. You can eliminate manual data entry and errors as the system streamlines operations, freeing you to focus on growth and customer satisfaction during the expansion process.

Ginesys OMS also extends your expansion potential with its extensive range of integrations. You can easily connect with web stores for consistent shopping experiences and with leading courier services for automated shipping and tracking, ensuring timely deliveries.

Integration with ERP systems provides real-time insights into inventory, sales, and financial data, facilitating streamlined backend operations. Ginesys OMS lets you unleash the power of diverse integrations to drive your Ecommerce presence to new heights.

Centralize Inventory Management for Accurate Stock Control

Centralized Inventory Management

Ginesys OMS ensures accuracy of stock control with its centralized inventory management system. Real-time visibility across multiple sales channels and fulfillment centers eliminates any kind of guesswork involved and ensures accurate product availability information.

By empowering informed decisions, optimizing stock levels, and preventing inventory errors, Ginesys OMS will facilitate seamless order fulfillment from the nearest and most appropriate locations. This improves their shipping times and reduces costs.

The system's low stock alerts and buffer stock management keep you constantly updated on inventory levels, enabling timely reordering and preparedness for unexpected demand spikes. Smart allocation rules also prevent over-selling by dynamically allocating orders to suitable fulfillment centers, maintaining optimal stock levels, and ensuring reliable order fulfillment.

Streamline Order Management from a Single Dashboard

Ginesys OMS transforms order management by providing a comprehensive solution to process all your orders seamlessly from a single dashboard. This unified view will empower you to manage the entire order processing journey efficiently, right from order capture to fulfillment.

The system streamlines your operations, saving you valuable time and effort while ensuring accuracy and consistency. Whether it's receiving new orders, updating order statuses, or tracking deliveries, everything can be done from one place.

Syncing, packing, and shipping online sales across multiple marketplaces become effortless with Ginesys OMS. You can sync all your orders from marketplaces and web stores into one centralized platform effectively, pack and ship your orders to ensure timely deliveries and make your customers happy. This streamlined process saves a lot of time and minimizes the risk of errors, providing a seamless order fulfillment experience for your customers.


Process Orders Seamlessly from a Centralized Dashboard


Efficient Courier Management and Allocation

Ginesys OMS collaborates with leading courier services, eliminating the need for separate integrations and reducing shipping complexities. Our pre-integrated courier partners offer a wide range of options, allowing you to choose the most suitable carrier for each order based on factors such as costs, delivery time, and destination.

With automatic tracking updates and real-time shipping information, your customers stay engaged throughout the delivery process.

This ensures seamless shipping, reduces operational costs, and enhances customer satisfaction with real-time tracking and updates.

Warehouse Management for Streamlined E-Fulfillment

Browntape/ Ginesys OMS lets you efficiently manage multiple warehouses, whether they are physical stores, distribution centers, or third-party fulfillment centers. The system offers real-time visibility into stock levels, ensuring accurate inventory management and preventing stockouts or overselling.

By centralizing inventory control, Ginesys OMS empowers you to make informed decisions about stock allocation and fulfillment, optimizing order processing and reducing shipping costs. This ensures seamless order allocation to the nearest and most suitable warehouse, ensuring faster shipping and a superior customer experience.

The benefits of smart warehouse management through Browntape/ Ginesys OMS go beyond mere inventory control. They include fostering a smarter supply chain and more efficient Ecommerce operations. With real-time tracking of inventory levels and order status, you can optimize stock allocation, avoid costly stockouts or overstocking. Ginesys OMS facilitates efficient order picking and packing, reducing order processing times and improving fulfillment accuracy.

By integrating with leading courier partners, Ginesys OMS ensures smooth last-mile delivery, enabling timely shipments and enhancing customer satisfaction. Its smart warehouse management features also facilitate effective returns management, streamlining the reverse logistics process and reducing operational costs. The system's data-driven insights enable you to identify trends and patterns, improving demand forecasting and inventory planning.


Centralize Inventory Control and Optimize Order Processing


Remittance and Payment Management for Improved Financial Tracking

Remittance and Payment Management

Browntape/ Ginesys OMS simplifies payment tracking, providing a centralized view of all transactions, and eliminating the need for multiple platforms. The easy monitoring and verification of incoming payments will let you reconcile multiple accounts from a single dashboard. The system streamlines remittance, ensuring accurate, prompt fund transfers to designated accounts, and enhancing cash flow management.

It also offers in-depth analysis through downloadable remittance reports, providing valuable insights into financials, revenue streams, and transaction trends. Detailed remittance data allows reconciliation with individual orders, marketplaces, and fulfillment centers, helping resolve discrepancies effectively.

Omni-Channel Store Fulfillment for Seamless Retail Integration

Browntape/ Ginesys OMS empowers retailers with its seamless integration of offline supply chains and omnichannel operations. Managing inventory across physical stores, distribution centers, and online marketplaces becomes seamless when it's done from a centralized platform.

Real-time inventory visibility ensures accurate product availability information across all channels. Smart order allocation rules based on stock availability and pincode priority minimize shipping costs and delivery times, fulfilling orders from the nearest store.

Store order hopping enables orders to be automatically moved from stores where there is a gap in stock availability to one which has the required inventory. Rerouting allocates orders to alternative stores when the original orders are out of stock.

Order splitting ensures that, if an order can be fulfilled from a combination of stores or stores and warehouses, the same will be achieved. This really boosts the chances of fulfilling orders to the maximum limit.

Custom Enterprise Integrations for Seamless Information Flow

Browntape/ Ginesys OMS connects seamlessly with internal systems through middleware and APIs. The system facilitates smooth integration with existing ERP, WMS, POS, and CRM systems, ensuring a seamless flow of information between different departments and processes.

Using middleware and APIs allows the system to communicate with these systems in real-time, eliminating the need for manual data entry or handling data silos. The integration streamlines operations, providing accurate and up-to-date information across the entire organization.

Integrating your ERP, WMS, POS, and CRM systems with Ginesys OMS offers numerous benefits while streamlining operations for the entire organization. It fosters seamless communication between departments, improving collaboration and data accuracy. For instance, you will get real-time insights into inventory, financials, and customer data, ensuring better inventory management and financial decision-making.

WMS integration ensures efficient warehouse operations, optimizing order processing and fulfillment. POS integration gives retailers a unified view of their sales data and customer information.

CRM integration facilitates targeted marketing and personalized customer interactions. The cohesive integration of these systems through Ginesys OMS reduces manual effort, minimizes errors, and accelerates business processes, ultimately improving your productivity and customer experience.


Ensure Seamless Integration of ERP, WMS, POS and CRM


Change your Ecommerce Order Allocation Game with Ginesys OMS

Browntape/ Ginesys OMS is the ideal solution for ecommerce order allocation and management, with an array of benefits that will streamline your operations and enhance customer satisfaction.

It integrates seamlessly with multiple sales channels, inventory systems, and shipping carriers, giving you a centralized and unified view of all orders, reducing complexities and manual errors. Its smart order allocation rules help you optimize inventory utilization, reduce shipping costs, and ensure faster deliveries.

Ginesys OMS’s centralized control, real-time visibility, and automated alerts for low stock levels will ease your inventory management process. The system empowers you to make informed decisions, prevent stockouts, and avoid over-selling, resulting in enhanced operational efficiency and a seamless fulfillment experience.

Our advanced features such as store order hopping and rerouting will enable seamless integration between offline and online operations.

We encourage you to explore the comprehensive features and capabilities of Ginesys OMS in optimizing inventory management and order fulfillment. Stay ahead of the competition, delight customers, and achieve sustainable growth in the dynamic world of Ecommerce. Get in touch with us to optimize ecommerce oerder allocation and ensure maximum efficiency.